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My weekend

Joan took me to the park yesterday, and I had a great time there. I liked the dogs there and was running around with them or I was going into the river. Here's a picture Joan took of me - if you look hard you'll see that she caught me with my tongue out of my mouth!! Geez.


The only thing that I did NOT like at the park was at the end, when we were walking back up to the car, three dogs came over to me and then one jumped on my back. I was not at all happy about that. I squirmed down and then the three were over me and I was growling at them at this point. I could tell Joan was mad at the dogs and their people were not very effective in getting their dogs away from me. I ran ahead of Joan and we escaped. Phew.

Later that day, Joan gave me a bone to chew on. :-)
I love bones.


I got to see Chris and Anneke - Joan's friends this weekend. I can tell that Chris has her own dog...I can smell it. Anneke does not have a dog but she took care of me a while back so I like her a lot. I did not jump up on them - Joan is making me be very courteous when people come over.


my owner started a blog about me.......then I find yours.......good work.

my name is Bosco as well.

Cool - I'm glad some of my kin are starting to blog, too. I'm interested to hear how your life in Nova Scotia is similar or different from mine. Joan tells me that her good friend's mom grew up in Nova Scotia but she didn't tell me what it was like.