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No longer incognito

I'm all brown, so at night when Joan and I go walking (now because it gets dark at 4:30 Joan and I walk in the dark a lot) no one can really see me. I blend into the darkness. Sometimes Joan wears a reflective vest but usually I'm out in front of her so sometimes people or bikes or cars don't see me. I kind of like it - I'm incognito. I can see everything because my eyes work well at night and I can smell really well, but the humans' eyes don't work so well at night.

But this has all ended because Joan bought me a flashing light that hangs on my collar. Now, I'm more like a biker!! I see the bikes ride by with a flashing red or white light. Now, I'm more like them because I walk around with this flashing thing on. At first when Joan turned it on, it startled me a little bit - I was scared (as usual). But as soon as we started walking, it did not bother me at all. I know that it means that I'm safer overall which is always good.

On another subject - I can tell that Joan doesn't want me to bark at other dogs when we pass them. Sometimes I get really crazy barking at them. So I've toned myself down and in the past few days, I haven't barked at any of them. Joan makes me sit and tells me I'm a good girl and keeps me close to her, so I just behave.