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Thanksgiving and snow...

Yesterday was a day Joan called Thanksgiving. She continued to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Then people came over - my good friend, Ann, and Eileen, and Martha and Miguel, but then two men I've never met came over too - J.B. and Javier. I was suspicious of them at first. I warmed up to J.B. pretty quickly but Javier I was still cautious about - he was really tall and also spoke loudly at some times. After he gave me a treat, I seemed to trust him more (but that was at the end of the night).

This morning I woke up to snow! My favorite. Joan and I went on a walk and I was up on my hind legs smelling a garbage can. There was something smelling good in there.... and then the guy who lived there who was in his garage told Joan that their turkey carcass was in the garbage. Well, I already knew that because I could smell it!

Joan and I went outside a bit later in the backyard - the snow is glorious.


Joan - please come play with me...



man we have not got any snow yet but that first snow fall my chocolate goes insane running in it.

We had snow too!

You can see pictures of me in the snow and on the beach.

The beach is a funny place for a dog to go.