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Snow - my winter swimming

I love snow because it seems to me, when there is a lot of it, it is like water. I use the same swimming techniques for running through deep snow. But, we don't have deep thick snow yet! But we did get enough...enough for Joan to put on those long feet extenders (she calls them skis) and take me to the golf course tonight. It was FANTASTIC. I ran around like a maniac - or maybe just like a really excited pup! At one time, Joan was almost going as fast as me, as she went down a big hill. It was fun to run alongside Joan like that. I also saw another dog there and played with him for a while but then its human called it and they went a different way. When we got home, Joan gave me lots of food. Now, I'm soooo tired that I'm going to take a nap.


I cant wait for snow! I Love running in it and making snow angels!

Its 38 degrees here in mass. let my dog swim in salt water thats about 46 degrees girlfriend says i shouldnt allow him to do this . Do yoy let your dogs swim in winter. Hes a 95 pound golden retriever