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I'm back to normal

Well, as normal as I usually am. I think I'm almost over the horrific kennel experience. I was really exhausted and slept a lot - I even missed my "bug Joan for a walk" period between 3:30-5pm on Saturday because I was sleeping.

I've found a new place to sleep! On Joan's new leather chair! Right now it is really good because I can see out the window more easily - everything is smooshed together because that lit up tree is in the house still. So my access to the windows that face the street have been reduced. And I need to see what's going on outside. I don't know if Joan wants me on the leather chair so I only go on it when she leaves me in the house alone. The problem is I think she was on to me because she had a stack of clean clothes on one side of the chair and she came home and saw that the clothes were all over the chair and some even had fallen on the ground. OOPS.

Joan has been trying to cut my toenails recently, but I am on to her. After struggling with me for a long time, she gave up. But now I know what she does - she lets me fall asleep and then really quickly takes my paw and cuts one of my nails before I realize what she's doing. But now I'm on to her, so I'm not sleeping very soundly anymore.

On Sunday we went over to Boli, the cat's, house (Martha and Miguel live there too but they were not there.) We hung around and I kissed Boli on the nose a whole bunch. I like him a lot. Joan and I also went walking on the golf course and I played with another lab mix dog (black) for a while, and I ran around trees.



So glad you are recovering from your terrible ordeal.

We hate the kennel too!