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This weekend was quite busy! On Saturday we went my park near the MIssissippi which was fun, as usual. However, it was less fun for Joan because the path was generally an ice sheet. I have no problem with it because I have four legs, paws and many nails. But Joan was walking sooo slowly. Sometimes these humans really slow us dogs down.

Later that night, my friends from Iowa - Kaleb, Beth, and Joe came up to visit. I really like Kaleb because he pets me a lot. I visited their house once but they've come up here a few times, too. They left me for a few hours in the house alone while they went somewhere.

The next morning they left early, and then Joan and I went back to bed. Later on Sunday, Miguel came over and I was really loving seeing him. I wanted him to pet me constantly and he wouldn't, though. Then Joan and MIguel left for a couple hours and returned again and I went on a long walk with Joan. There were lots of visitors and I love it!


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