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Sit, down, sit, down, stand, stay, come.

Joan has started to give me stuff to do again, which is good since I really like work! I'm a work dog and sitting on the couch and writing this blog just isn't enough to keep me happy. I mean it is okay but I really like other tasks. So recently she's been making me practice tasks such as: SIT, DOWN, STAND (that is a new one that I only kind of know), STAY, COME. I already knew these but we weren't really using them all that much. The best part is that I get treats for doing them which makes me wag my tail a lot!

Right now, I have a hard time remembering how to go from a DOWN to a SIT. We never did that before, so it is hard to remember that it is even possible. The other one that is new is STAND. This usually happens when I'm sitting and then Joan says STAND and I should stand up but not really move.

Joan was getting sick of me licking the dishes in the dishwasher (the dirty ones - the clean ones are not interesting to me). So she already was making me go DOWN and STAY while she loaded the dishwasher. It doesn't work well when there are others in the house though because I get distracted. I can work on that.

Later on, I'll show some pictures of our walk around Lake Calhoun last Saturday and all those funny people on skates with sticks (they scare me) on the icy lake.


Keep up with learning those tricks, because these dogs are learing tricks too!

You have my best wishes for a day full of fun, frolic, and getting up on any piece of furniture you want to! A bonus wish for you is that the warm weather has brought out a squirrel that you get to scare the heck out of with a good chase!