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This dog has new clothes

Yesterday was an interesting day. Joan slept in...which means she got up to feed me and let me out for bathroom duty but then went back to bed again. When she finally got up, she took me to my dog park. I was very excited and made all sorts of noises - yelping and crying - on the way there. We did our usual walk through the park, except Joan fell down once on some hidden ice. She did not get hurt or anything but she really needs to grow some sharp nails like me so she can dig into the ice or snow as needed. I liked all the dogs I saw and I also even went into the river - I just got my legs wet - which Joan thought was crazy since it was 18 out. I don't mind though; I'm tough.

On the way home, we stopped at the gas station. I waited in the car while Joan pumped stuff into the car. Then we got in a line in front of this big door that goes up and then the cars go into a little room. I was kind of yelping because I wanted to get home to drink some water and check on the squirrel situation in my backyard. Instead, the big door opened and Joan drove in. At first it was okay but squirts of stuff covered our whole car and I couldn't see out the windows anymore which made me a little concerned. THEN, a big noise started and water started spraying against the windows really loudly. I was VERY afraid and climbed into the front seat and tried to lay in Joan's lap - I was so scared. This happened for a bit of time and then I went to the back seat again because it stopped and I could see out again. Joan then drove us out of this little room and we went home. I don't know what was up with that but I'd prefer to not do it again!

When we got home, Joan ate some food and relaxed. Around 3pm, I started bugging Joan to go for a walk again, despite having returned only a few hours earlier from the park. I have a routine - and Joan may decide to violate the schedule - like skipping my morning walk - but that doesn't have any impact, in my opinion, on the rest of the routine - like me liking to go on an afternoon walk sometime between 3:30 and 5:00 PM. She doesn't understand my reasoning because despite my trys at a walk, she decided to brush me. I like being brushed but I kind of protested because I really wanted a walk. At one point, Joan called me "Chewbacca," I think in response to the noises I was making but I don't know what that means.

Then she pulled out some new dog-wear for me, a new collar. My old collar is okay - it is brown leather, but I know (she has told me) that she was shopping for a reflective collar so I'm safer outside and on walks. She wanted to buy a reflective collar from Orvis that also would have my name and phone number on it, but it would cost $40, and she thought that was ridiculous. She ended up buying this one for me on ebay for $5. Doesn't it look cool? I think red is my color.


Then, we finally went on a walk. Finally!!!


Bosco, You have a very nice and caring mother... I loved reading your story :-)