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COLD and empty dog park

Yesterday, Joan took me to the small park near my house around noon. There was no one - no person, no dog - there. And I could only see Joan's eyes because she was completely covered everywhere with clothing. I guess I can understand (a little bit) because it was really cold - like about 0 but with windchill more like -20. That weather doesn't bother me that much since I have a fur coat on - I'm very versatile with weather. And as long as I can run around, I stay warm. I played fetch with Joan and she kept working on "GIVE" to get me to give her the ball so she could throw it again. As much as I like her to chase me, I guess it works well also to GIVE her the ball if she throws it again for me (which she does).

The biggest problem I had at the park is the lack of water. I was thirsty with all my running and the cold weather, but the water in the water bowls there was frozen solid. I kept running over there to check but I kept finding solid ice. That doesn't work for quenching my thirst.

After a while, we left and we saw another man get out of his truck with 2 dogs. Joan said "no one is in there." He said, "I'm not surprised." We couldn't really see what he looked like because he was clothed similarly to Joan - couldn't see anything but his eyes. As we drove away, I saw the two dogs - a lab and a golden retriever - I whined a bit because I bet it would have been fun to play with them! Instead we got to go home, and I got a drink water.

Today is warmer at about 2 when we went for a walk this morning but little wind so we did our longer morning walk which I liked as opposed to the one or two block walk we did when it was really cold -30 windchill. Right now, after I finish this entry, I'm going to lay down on the floor where the sun is streaming in. Even though it is so cold outside, it is suprising how warm the sun can be where it hits the floor or the bed or whatever. Have I told you how much I love the sun???? I love it!


My dog doesn't like winter much. It is not because it is cold, she doesn't mind the cold or rain, but all her dog friends are stuck at home because their owners don't like going out in bad weather. And when there are no dogs to chase or chase her, she ends up just sniffing the grass and trees. I have resorted to riding my bike so she gets a run in. At least then she gets tired.