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Weekend activities

On Saturday, Joan took me to the dog park. Well, first she went to the coffee shop on the way and I had to wait in the car while she got her food and drink. Then, she let me out and we sat outside at the tables. She ate her food and I waited, waited, waited. There was no lack of people to look at because people kept coming in to the shop, so I'd check them out as they went in or out. Sometimes I would try to get near them so I could sniff their legs - interesting smells.

Then, we finally did go to the park. Once we got in and beyond the initial pack of dogs waiting at the top, I was more comfortable. The park wasn't as muddy as last week and the Mississippi River was flowing VERY high, so we couldn't walk on the shore of the river like we did last week. Joan chatted with this woman who had two very small dogs - one black and one brown. I also ran around with some springer spaniel type dogs - we had some great chasing.

After the park, we did the usual things - some that I like and some that I don't. We had to go through that machine again which sprays water all over the car while we are in it. It scares me and I whine a lot. But, then we went to the store where I can go in and BONUS get treats to eat.

On Sunday, Joan seemed very upset and she was getting sick in the bathroom. That was weird. I've done that sometimes when my stomach gets empty and I vomit on the floor. Actually, Joan doesn't let me in the bathroom except for bathtime - which I don't like - so I would not know to vomit in there if that is the right place. I really wanted to go for a walk but at the same time, I could see that Joan was kinda sick, so I stayed kinda low profile as much as I could. She did take me for a walk but I think she was feeling really bad because she was sick some more when we returned and then she went to bed. I was very sensitive to that and instead of trying to get up on the bed with her, which is what I usually would try for, I just took a nap on my own bed on the floor and let her try to feel better.

This morning she seems OK. She got up really early and immediately started working on her computer (after feeding and letting me out, of course) instead of taking me on a walk - that is not our usual schedule. Again, good thing I've been practicing being patient lately, because I had to be patient some more waiting for her to take me on a walk. We just returned from it - and it is cold outside again! BRRRR. Not like Zero or anything, but with the wind a bit cool on my furry back and wet nose.


Sounds like a pretty busy weekend and I hope your human is feeling better now! :)

Where are you at that it's still very cold? We've been having lovely weather here - took my first swim for the year last Saturday.

Abby Dog -
My human is better. We live in Minnesota so it is still cold here, but I have already gone swimming, too, in the Mississippi - a couple times actually.
Where do you live?


Oh, I didn't see that you replied. I live in Virginia.