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Spring Allergy Season

I can tell it is spring. Not because it is sunnier and warmer, but because my ears have started itching me a lot. I shake my ears back and forth and Joan then knows that I have brown gunk in my ears that needs to be cleaned out. I don't like having my ears cleaned but I let Joan do it because I know I'll feel better if she has. Sometimes it gets so bad that all my sensitive parts are hurting and itching - like my ears, my eyes, in between my toes, and my butt. That happened once and Joan took me to the vet, and he said "this is a classic case of allergies." So now, if it gets bad, Joan starts putting a pill in my breakfast. She thinks I don't know about it, but I see that it is a pink pill - I mean, it doesn't look like my brown food! But I'm cooperative and I eat it along with my food.

At some point, I gashed my leg. Joan saw it when she returned from her trip. It was only a small scab, but now I've been licking it a lot, so I think Joan is getting concerned. Last night she put some smelly goop on it and then tied a bandana around my leg - I think in desperate hope that I would not lick it. Of course, this morning I jumped up next to her on the bed and guess what, no bandana on my leg!

Yesterday, I got to play with my friend, Chloe, the yellow lab around the corner. She was out while her human was working on his fence and the kids were playing on bikes. I like Chloe a lot. Joan let me off leash and we ran around a bit in Chloe's yard. Chloe is younger than I am but I still like playing with her.


I had no that it was possible for dogs to have allergies. I just always assumed that my 2-year-old golden had a cute (yet quirky) habit of chewing on her paws. The other day I was watching a video on PetStyle.com and found out that this is a common indicator that she has allergies! Poor thing. PetStyle had some great information and tips (also some really hilarious segments!) to help me figure out how to help her. Did you know dogs can be allergic to cats?! I feel bad that she has spent the past couple years being itchy and uncomfortable while I just assumed she was chewing on her paws for the fun of it, but now I know what the problem is, and how to help her.