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Sick morning

I was sick this morning, like Joan was on Sunday. After the music and voices started coming out of the clock, I joined Joan on the bed. Joan was snoozing and then I stood up on the bed and was licking my lips. Now, Joan recognizes this as a sign. She says sometimes humans do that too when they are going to get sick - their mouth starts watering not to mention getting really hot.

But at this point, Joan did not realize what was about to happen. Then I jumped off the bed (later, Joan was happy about that) and then I went into the hallway and started vomiting on the carpet. This is one way to get Joan out of bed in a FLASH. She ran into the hall and started urging me to go downstairs. I followed her down but then got sick a bit more on the hardwood floor by the door and then she pushed me outside pronto. Wow, that was fast. While I was outside, she cleaned the floor and got the carpet wet. Then she let me back in, gave me some food, and then started spraying smelly stuff on the carpet. Meanwhile, I was not interested in my food. I just did not feel that great. Joan came over and handed me some of my food in her hand. I put it in my mouth and then dropped it on the floor. I licked the food a little more and then I started eating it. I could see Joan was happy I was eating.

We went on a nice walk along the river, longer than our normal morning walk. I think I just did not eat enough food last night or I digested it really fast. When my stomach is really empty, I sometimes get sick like this. Anyway, the day has become better since this morning.

ruff, ruff. ~Bosco