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Running in the summer

I love the summer. This weekend, unlike last weekend, was summer sunny the whole time. And I got to spend most of it sitting in the backyard watching my territory. Joan did take me to my dog park on Saturday where I went swimming - but the park was flooded again and we couldn't go as far as we usually do. On Sunday, she took me down to the dunes by my house - two men were there with their boat and they had a plate of food so I was very interested in them! Joan tried to keep me from bothering them, but they didn't mind me checking them out. I went in the river down there, too. I just plop in and sit until I feel the urge to run some more. Joan also planted plants in the front and back so I got to watch her do that while overseeing the yard. No squirrels allowed - or cats! The black and white cat came a little too near to the yard and I went crazy barking. (The funny thing is that I like cats when they are in houses but not when they are outside and near my yard.)
This morning Joan and I went on a run which was fabulous, and then she was working on the computer while I again, sat outside in the yard - heaven! UNTIL she rode her bike to work and left me inside. I watched her ride by the front of the house. While she was gone, some woman came up to the door to pick up some things Joan put on the stoop (I barked at her) and the man who drops paper in the metal box outside the door came by, too. I don't bark at him.