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Last week, Joan tricked me and had a party. I thought something was up because she put a cloth on the table and had flowers. Eileen came over and started putting red stuff in a big bowl and put it on the table. And then this huge cake - it smelled good and I wanted to eat it.

Then Eileen took me outside for a walk. We went down to the river near the dunes where Joan lets me off leash. Eileen did not let me off. It was raining, too, but I would have gone swimming anyway. When we got back to the house, there are a lot of people in the house! I was scared a bit. I poked my head out of the kitchen, while getting low to the ground, and saw Joan across the room. She was calling me, but I was really scared by all the legs that could potentially kick me or something. But I made it over to her, phew! After that, I relaxed a bit more. My favorite kid, Will, and his mom, Rachel, came by. Some of these people had their own dogs because I could smell them.

After the party, Joan and Eileen left. Then my ears started to get bad - at least one of them was itching me a ton. When they got home, Joan could smell that my ear was bad. But then she forgot to clean it! The next morning, I was flapping, flapping, flapping my ears constantly. I'm glad Joan started to fix them even though I don't like the wet stuff she puts in my ears nor the pink pill she puts in my food. The other day I licked the peanut butter off the pill and left the pill there. :-) My ears are feeling MUCH better now!


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