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Tick, tick, tick

They are calling me "Misstick" and I'm getting tired of it. But I guess they are too. I'll tell you what happened.

American Dog Tick on the tile floor (hint hint)

So on Wednesday, Joan wanted to go on a hike - great! We went to El Chorro Regional Park near San Luis Obispo - it had an easy 3 mile trail for my people (Joan and her parents - Tom and Judy) and it also, bonus, had a dog park! So I ran around the dog park and went in the dog pools that were there (pretty tiny compared to my usual swimming hole, the Mississippi River!) and then we were ready for our hike. Joan and her mom chose this because it said it did not have poison oak - that dreaded plant. However, we started hiking and there was poison oak on either side of the trail so Joan kept me tight on the leash so we would stay on trail.

But then - Tom saw some ticks on her Judy's pants. Judy was the only one who wore pants. It wasn't so bad - they brushed them off. Well, we went up to a vista point and then continued on the trail loop but it had tall grasses. Joan pointed out the ticks on the ends of the grass just waiting for us! Then the trail got really narrow and had TONS of poison oak, so we turned around. Well, we got back to the car and Joan pulled two ticks off of my ear and head. We got back to the house and Joan made me go outside. She then took off my collar and started looking through my fur - super slowly. And then, every once in a while, she'd pull some of my fur out! I did not like that, but she kept doing it. One time Tom came out and asked Joan if she wanted an evening cocktail and Joan said something about needing a lot to drink after this was done. We were out there for at least an hour and half and Joan told her parents she removed and killed (smashed with a rock and then flushed down the toilet) 51 ticks. They are American dog ticks, as illustrated above. So that was 53 ticks with the ones at the car. You would think that would be all but NO. For the last two days, Joan has found more ticks on me and also many of them fall off me because Joan puts this funny stuff on my back every month that kills ticks. So we are easily up to over 100 ticks that have come off of me. They all stopped counting after they were in the 70s. Just right now, they came back from lunch and found 9 ticks on the floor. Joan has not let me sleep in her bedroom either, so I've had to sleep in the laundry room for the past two nights. Bummer for me. Here's a picture of me in my kitchen kingdom - can't go into that room with wood on the floor:

Here's a picture of us at the scene of the tick crime:
Tom started called me "Miss Tick" or misstick. When will I lose it? Probably never. Now, Joan isn't going to take me on any hikes that are in the grassy hills around here. She's sticking to sidewalks. Joan thought there were a lot of ticks in Minnesota, but this place has way more!

We did go on a short walk in a place called Shell Beach. It was so COOOOL. They had a drinking fountain for me! I loved it and drank a lot.

Here's a picture of Joan and me at this park - it is beautiful there (and no ticks!).

Joan and Judy left me yesterday with Tom while they went to a farmer's market in San Luis. Joan returned with this funny photo - if you know anything about CA, it is that it is smoke-free. No smoking anywhere, practically. And sure enough, you can't even smoke in the parking ramp!

All I have to close with is: Dogs - Don't go to El Chorro Regional Park unless you want to have hundreds of ticks on you!


Can you get the park rangers to post signs about all those ticks? Pretty pictures but scary thinking about all those ticks. Mary

Mary - Joan did send an email to the Superintendent of Trails for the County about this problem. Hopefully, they at least will put out a sign or better yet, mow a swath on either side of the trail. We hope they do something for my canine friends!

We have ticks here. They are nasty bugs!

Julia refers to me as the "Buttercup Express", as the ticks seem to think I'm some sort of bus to transport them.

Bosco, what a bummer that the ticks liked you so much, but lucky for you Joan managed to get them off of you! They're awful little critters.

Sorry to hear about the ticks - we've got them here as well but ours have been dropping out of trees on our regular walks around the neighborhood. Yikes. We've found two already this year...

Sorry about your experience. Yes, California has ticks. they supposedly love oak trees & chapparel. So, most Californians use Advantage, Frontline, etc. on their dogs every summer. But we don't have heartworm here on the coast. So I guess it all balances out....