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Dirt is cool

Dirt is really cool. And I'm not talking about in style kind of cool but more like temperature cool. It has been very hot here and Joan was outside this morning picking those red berries off the bushes. Meanwhile I decided to dig up this one spot a bit and sit in the cool dirt. This is the spot that no grass grows because I run through it so fast and at an angle that I dig up the grass. That is when I see a squirrel outside and then Joan lets me out. I run down the stairs and pivot turn right on this grass area (now dirt) and then head off toward the oak tree where those squirrels usually hang out.

Now I'm inside with the loud machine that blows cool air into the house. I don't really love it because it makes noise but I don't hate it either.

Yesterday, Joan and I went to the dog park. There weren't that many people there because it was really hot. But I wasn't that hot because I immediately soaked in the MIssissippi River. After that, we drove a different way and ended up at the airport and then I saw Eileen, Joan's sister. I got really excited!!! I had to give her several kisses when she got in the car. I also licked her arm several times. She wasn't super into it so I settled down. Then, we went into her apartment and I could smell CATS. But I couldn't SEE any cats. I really wanted to make friends with them but I guess they don't want to be my friend.


I really look forward to reading this! Keep it up!