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June 23: Berkeley/Oakland, CA

So on Friday, June 23rd in the afternoon, Joan and I got in the car and everyone wished us well. Everyone was Tom, Judy, Deidre, Chris (her husband), Frances and Annie, my dog cousin. Our car was packed up with a couple extra things - a big straw hat of Joan's that's been at her parent's house for 15 years (good for gardening she says), some knives for Eileen, some Chinese artwork of Eileen's, and an electric hedge trimmer that Tom's friend, Austin, gave to Joan because he got a new one. We had less of my food with us because I had been eating it but I think more human food this time around. We waved goodbye and got on Hwy 101 north.

We drove for about 4 hours and ended up in El Cerrito or Oakland, CA. Joan planned it so we would avoid traffic, but we did end up in traffic on 880 - this is the area where Joan grew up, she told me. Well, not exactly Oakland but when Hwy 880 becomes Hwy 17 and goes into the Santa Cruz Mountains - that is where she grew up! We ended up at her grad school friend's house - her name is Gina and she had a dog named Ella and we did NOT get along despite doing the dog whisperer's introduction techniques of taking us on walks together. The thing is Ella wanted to play, and I did not. So we kind of had to tip toe around each other, and I unfortunately, ended up in my crate on several occasions.

On Saturday morning they left us to go to breakfast with Joan's childhood friend, Craig. My crate was in the bedroom with me in it and the door shut. In the evening, they left again to go have dinner with Joan and Gina's graduate adviser, David and his wife. That time I was in the crate but Joan also turned on the radio so music was playing - I think so I did not have to listen to Ella outside the door huffing and wishing she could come in and devour me. I was pretty dang scared of her! Though, it wasn't like I was shy about demonstrating my feelings!

Here are pictures of us at the dog park. That is the great thing about Oakland and San Francisco in general is that they are VERY dog friendly! We got to run along the bay - in one photo I'm looking off at San Francisco and the Bay Bridge is behind me.

We look like we are friends here:

and here:

Looking longingly across the bay:

We couldn't do our usual "family photo" of everyone because Ella would not allow me to go near Gina because I did not pass her "play with me" test first. So I never got to really even say hi to Gina.


Hey Bosco! Nice site. You gotta watch those humans and their "play with me" tests. They're usually more worried about law suits than compatibility. They sometimes don't realize that dogs can sort that stuff out just fine with a bit of posturing and butt sniffing. I'm betting that if George Dubya and Osama would just take the time to smell each other's butts, they'd get along a whole lot better. Anyway, peace out and come by and visit when you get a chance.