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June 25: Berkeley to Mendocino

On Sunday morning, we all went to the dog park again - by the bay! I got to stretch my legs and I didn't even go in the water - that made Joan happy, I guess. We headed back to the car. Joan said goodbye to her good friend, Gina, but I did NOT say goodbye to Ella. I was relieved we were parting ways. I'm sure I used up my good graces with Gina because we dogs did not get along.

We were off again in the car for several hours. Hondacar's mileage was at: 120,148 when we left Berkeley. Joan stopped in a place called Healdsburg where she left me in the car and returned with tea and a scone for herself. We walked to the center square where she sat down and ate/drank. It was a little weird because there were no other of my kind in the square. No dogs. Maybe we broke the law! Joan walked me around the square for bathroom break and then we headed back to the car and got back on the fast road.

We drove on windy roads. At one point, I yelped really loudly at Joan. She pulled over and let me walk on the side of the road. I just wanted to get out for good and stop winding around. On windy roads, I have to stand up and see what's going on. There were a lot of tall redwood trees and occasionally we got stuck behind a big vehicle Joan called a RV. Joan is a good mountain driver and these other people were not. They were slowing us down.

Eventually we ended up back at the Pacific Ocean! However, it was kind of foggy there. We pulled into a campground called Van Damme State Park. Joan talked to the lady in the hut who was expecting us. We drove on and parked behind a big truck, and there was a guy, Tom, there that Joan was friendly with. It turns out he is her brother! Later on, Tom and Judy (whose house I was at in Arroyo Grande) showed up! I was sooooo happy to see them because they were a friendly face. I got to know Tom's kids - Patrick and Margaret. Patrick, mostly because he loved me. Margaret doesn't like dogs so she never got near me. That makes me sad. There was a huge group of people there and they were diving for abalone and then eating it for dinner. The first day I was a little shy.

We went with Tom and Leslie (his wife) in his big truck out to the coast and walked along some trails.

Here are pics from Sunday:

Joan and me on the coast:

View of Mendocino:

The coast:

It was super duper cold in this place. Joan had on about 5 layers she said. Good thing she had that sleeping bag! I wanted to sleep in the car but she made me go in the tent.


I just read your entry from about a year ago and wondered if you could tell me what antihistamine, spray, and eye oinment you used. We've got a very itchy 11 year old yellow lab named Fezzik who would love to have some relief. He gets quite miserable at this time of year especially and we haven't found a solution ,other than occasional steroids, to make him more comfortable. His eyes seem to be his biggest problem and he rubs them on everything!!!

The vet told Joan when my allergies get really bad (summer), she can give me up to 4, 25 mg. antihistamine (OTC benadryl) based on her weight (50 lbs.) over the course of the day. I’ve only had 3 peanute butter pills ever in one day, though.

These other medications came from the vet at some point in time for the various manifestations of allergies:

ear: daily cleansing – OTI-CLENS or white vinegar/water solution
Ear infection: MalOtic
Eyes (yucky stuff in them, oozing): Mycitracin ointment
Inflammed skin (e.g., between her toes and her anal area): Genesis topical spray

Good luck!! I hope Fezzik feels better soon.

I'm glad you yuppie bastards don't like Butte. if you don't like it you know nothing about that town, the fact that 34 BILLON TONS of copper came out of that place, guess where most of that went.....California powerlines. the more people of you style we can keep out of montana the better.

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