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June 26, Mendocino, CA

Joan decided to stay another day in Mendocino. Despite it being kind of cold here at times when the fog is in, I was happy about not driving in the car. Here's my day in pictures:

Tom (Joan's brother) and Mike (Leslie's dad) getting read to free dive for abalone.

I'm watching!!

Tom trying to get on shore - the Pacific is not so pacific!

Family photo - see my favorite nephew, Patrick:

Even Patrick's cousin, Caitlin, really liked me. I started to get really comfortable with everyone today. Patrick would run me around the campground, and I even let Tom take care of me when Joan left with her mom to go into town. And I was just fine hanging around camp.

Joan said that Mendocino only has one public bathroom and it was incovenient for her. She should learn to go the bathroom like me-anywhere there is grass! We also went down the beach and I ran through the water and got all sandy.