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June 30: Butte, MT to Beartooth Pass (MT & WY)

We do not like Butte. I think these pictures will suffice to explain why.




Joan and I spent about an hour in the morning trying to find a park so I could get a nice walk instead of walking on the sidewalk on busy roads. These two parks both had "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs up everywhere. Again, Joan was too law-abiding, and ultimately we walked along a road. Interestingly, we were walking along the park and one of the groundspeople said hello to Joan and asked her how she was. That was the wrong question!! Joan started telling him how we'd be a lot happier walking in the park than out on this dangerous road. He said that he thought we were the only people who actually read and obeyed the sign! Well, there you go! In any case, we still do not like Butte MT for their dog-unfriendliness.

We finally got on the road and Hondacar's mileage was at 121,660. We headed along I-90 and then got off onto Hwy 89 south towards Wyoming and Yellowstone. Yellowstone was a trip - we weren't staying there because we are pavement prisoners because it's a national park - but we had to drive through it to get to the Beartooth Mountains. When we came upon these fellows, I started to FREAK OUT, barking and jumping and crying. Joan had to roll up the window, and I think she started to understand why having dogs in any park with a lot of wildlife is maybe not a good idea.


We drove through the north section of Yellowstone.

Outside the park, we came upon more road repair and dirt road for many miles (lots of dust!). We stop at a campground for Joan to eat lunch. It was hot there and had a lot of bugs - all I wanted to do was be in the car to stay away from the bugs. We didn't really like this campground and kept driving. We stopped at another campground but there was no water there and Joan had not filled up our water jugs so we kept going - but it was very pretty was along the river.

We stopped at Colter Pass (8,066 ft.) for the vistas:

Finally, we stop at Beartooth Lake Campground - this was it! Perfect. I didn't exactly help Joan out getting the camp set up.

The camphost told us that the campground had just opened this very day! And, he said that bears had been sighted within the last 10 days in the campground. Eeks! Joan said she didn't have a whistle or any bear spray so we decided to stay close to camp though hiking would have been fantastic.

Here's our lake;

Our campground is at about 9,000 ft. There were smells of pine and the sounds of wind rushing through the trees - very peaceful EXCEPT for the BUGS. Joan actually puts insect repellant on ME and I was very happy about that. We had a fire and were very peaceful and did not see any bears.




Dark clouds flew overhead - rain loomed in the distance. It was cool here. I was happy to have my furry bed in the tent but would rather have slept in the car. Here, you have to put everything and I mean everything away in a locked box or in your trunk when you leave your campsite or the bears are gonna come getcha!


you should have taken a dump in front of the "no dog" sign!

-*woof* ranger, the dog

dog blog! thanks from one dog mum to another.

Poor baby. Bugs in the forest! How dare they?? Everyone knows the forest is for humans only. No dogs allowed in the parks! That is unforgivable. After all its so enjoyable for all oihers to smell and play in your dog's crap. Stay home!

Great images! Beartooth Lake is a great place to camp! I camped out there back in the summer of 2002. Any chance I get to go hiking, camping, I choose to go there. Wyoming has great campgrounds. The last time I was there with my family we were able to find a perfect campground near a lake. It was a while back so I don't remember the exact location.