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I have been lax in my blogging. Joan and I have been doing a lot of work around the house. Actually she has and I lie around and wait for her to emerge from the basement. There are a lot of smells coming from down there - I never go down there so I doubt I'll ever know what she is doing. She wears a mask sometimes down there and she looks kinda funny. So now I'll get back to my daily life in the city.

Today was not so great. I have a bad story to tell you. Joan and I went out for our usual morning walk. I think she had lots of things to do today since tomorrow she start working in ernest! She took me on our shortish loop - 1 mile. As we came around from the river road back into the neighborhood, we passed by this house that has 2 black standards poodles. They are nasty. They always bark at all the dogs as they pass by and they scare me, so I high-tail it out of there. I pick up the pace and Joan follows suit.

Today was different - not in my fast pace - we were already past them and down the block a house. But then they got out of their yard. They opened the fence and came running after us. Joan started screaming "GO HOME!" She was really screaming but they didn't listen to her and then they attacked me! I tried to fight them but there were two of them (off-leash) and me (on-leash). Meanwhile, Joan is screaming even louder (if that's possible). Finally, they backed down and retreated to their driveway. Joan yelled at them some more and then she heard a person call for them. I was shaking. Joan was shaking. SHOCK.

Then - two women who were out on the river road cut through a person's yard to ask if we were okay (they said that Joan has a loud voice!). Then two other neighbors came out - one guy who saw the whole thing happen and another who just had heard Joan. The man was very concerned because this is not the first time the dogs have been out (we know that because we've seen them out before - and Joan yelled at them that time too but they went home.) Joan said she was going to call animal control. The other neighbor lady said that Joan should just talk to the woman. The woman who recalled her dogs and didn't even have the decency to see if they did any harm? And shall we talk about harm -- I was bitten by those nasty dogs. Here are the pictures of me before, during, and after my visit to the UM Vet Emergency (it was Labor Day no less.)




They drugged me at the doctor's so when I got back home, I was a different dog. I didn't even get up to say hi to Tim, our neighbor who gives me treats.

Anyway, back to the scene of the crime --- this young woman comes out of the house and is going to leave when the neighbor tells her to talk with me. She even acknowledges that they can't keep the dogs in, that they are "very smart" (if they are so smart, why can't they be trained?), and how they've already been visited by animal control. Get ready for trip #2!!!! Joan told her that they needed to pay for a vet visit to check me out, and she said "My mom is out of town." In any case, she gave Joan her phone number. (At this point, Joan hadn't seen my wound.) In the remaining 2 blocks to our house, Joan saw my bloody wound and freaked out!

We got home, she called the people's house and told them about my bloody gash. Then called animal control (closed - holiday). Then called UM Vet Emergency to get an appointment. Then we were in the car and gone for several hours. It was okay there - they treated me right (drugs always help, I guess). Although they made me throw up when we left. When we got back home, I was very s-l-o-w. Joan called the people and left a message that they owe us $247.

Meanwhile both of our days were pretty much ruined. Joan did not get her work done and I was sick and tired. Plus -- I can't go in the water until this wound completely heals - that could be 2 weeks or worse?! That means no big dog park - I'm very sad.


Oh, Bosco! How awful that those nasty poodles attacked you. I am glad Joan called animal control and reported it. I hope you heal quickly and something is done about the mean poodles.
Big Wags,
Isabella (a nice Standard Poodle)

Hi Bosco
Buddy Guy here, there is a photp of me on the gallery page of my dad's web site, see the second one down on the right hand side. I had a lampshade round my neck a little while ago, I hated it too, and I got it off while my dad was out! I chewed it so much they had no chance of putting it back on me (har har woof woof)

Hi Bosco,

Those poodles have a terrible human!

Lots of wet noses and tale wags to you!

Get well!

Hey Bosco,
We too hope you heal fast.
Your story brought tears to my eyes. We hope you'll be at the BIG DOG PARK in no time.

Oh Bosco, I'm reading through old entries and came across this one and was sad to see that 1) you got hurt and 2) it was black standard poodles who did the hurtin'. We had a black standard poodle when I was growing up and he was a very nice dog; I only wish he were still alive so you could meet a *nice* black standard poodle. Looking forward to reading the rest of the blog and am glad you are recovering so well!

Hi Bosco

I hope you're all healed up now. Please don't think all poodles are nasty, it's not true - I'm very laid back and always avoid confrontation.


Charlie Boy