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Another bite

Today Joan found another bite on me. I knew I had it but didn't complain. She was petting me and then she felt something and started digging through my fur. Sure enough, she felt the scab of where those d*** poodles bit me on my neck, below my ear. It's not too worrisome since it already has a scab, and Joan is making me take these big pills with peanut butter on them! Lucky for me, probably, my thick fur prevented further damage than a tooth scrape - but I bet Joan will take pictures and give it to that owner. I heard her talking on the phone to animal control asking them to put an addendum that I was bit twice on our report!

Other than that, she puts some goop on my big wound that smells. That makes me want to lick it. And sometimes I try and then Joan yells at me to not lick.


AH! Eve would have freaked out too if she discovered another wound like your mum did.
Oh you poor thing. NASTY NASTY poo poo poodles.
The owners really should really control their dogs and practise responsible dog ownership. ffff makes me mad...
hope you get loads of cuddles and get well soon,
Fei & E