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Step into my paws...

I've been licking my wound. I guess this is not acceptable. Joan says I've swallowed more neosporin than has penetrated my wound.

So...yesterday this is what happened. I wish the poodles had to step into my paws for a week and wear this cone!


These are called Elizabethan Collars so maybe I'm supposed to feel regal. But really I just feel stupid. I just stand around, not knowing what to do. I wouldn't even go outside to go to the bathroom. I kept running into things - the chair, the kitchen cabinet, the stairs, my bed. Joan took it off last night and put on a pad with her bandage wrap overnight. This morning she looked at me and saw the wrap and bandage on my bed off of me. Ha ha. BUT she was happy that my wound was crusty and hard.

After our walk, during which I took a few licks of my wound, Joan put the cone back on me at home. Then she got on the web to investigate collars because this one seems kinda big. (She borrowed it from our neighbors who have a bigger dog.) That's where she found a better idea! Even though I still feel kinda ridiculous, it is far better than the cone dog look!!


Joan says I'm very becoming and that I'm kinda a UofM dog now since I'm wearing the WebCT CE to Vista T-shirt that they gave out last year. Not that I even know what that means or you either but it is RED. No one's gonna miss me when we are on our walks!


Oh glad your mum found the right solution at last. I reckon the tshirt is very fitting and compliments your nice chocolate complexion.
Did you hear from the council about that dog attacking dog yet?

Hey dude!
don't worry, you will see that the time go fast and cone will be gone too.

Fei and Eve - The animal control people took a report but they never really get back to us, I guess. We haven't seen the poodles out - thank goodness - we have to walk by there everyday. They said they'd pay Joan for the vet bill. I hope so for Joan's sake.

Sooooooooooo cute!
Your red t-shirt is so in style!

Will they get back to you soon? I mean we dont want the dog put down or anything but maybe a warning to the owners to train/ control their dog. It's bad that a dog is hurt already; when a human gets hurt, the dog gets put down, no questions asked.
How is Bosco when he needs to walk past the terror? Is he coping well?

F & E -- Really good question as we are not into having dogs put down. We think that the owners need to start watching The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. In Minneapolis, a dog biting a dog - I guess is not a problem. So, no the dogs would not be put down - only if they caused grave harm to a human. They can even bit a human (not gravely) and then would be put on a "dangerous dog" list and it would cost the owners more money to keep them. Unfortunately, the owners solution is to buy a kennel - like one of those big fenced 8' X 8' areas. That's sad for the doggies. They just need some training! We feel sorry for the pups, really. I'm doing okay when we walk by their house - but they haven't been out to bark at me. I never liked it when they barked at me before so if they do it again, now I might run away or hopefully, Joan will take me away quick.