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My outfit

Eileen (Joan's sister) came over last night. They started cutting my red t-shirt because it was kinda tight on my legs. But the cutting got out of hand and now they say I have a muscle shirt on one side.

Later that night, Joan put one of her tank tops on me - then I was a Pomona College water polo player (that's what it said on the back) - well, I'd really like to get in the water and I love balls so it could work. In the middle of the night, I guess my licking woke Joan up (I knew I should have slept downstairs). Joan turned on the light and realized that the tank top was down and I had access to my wound - which I was licking again! So downstairs we went and the red shirt went back on. Oh well. No more licking, I guess. I'm actually pretty happy when she puts the goopy stuff on because it makes it itch less. A little bit less.

People are gawking at us when we go on walks. Joan just laughs! At least I don't have the cone on. But I bet they think Joan is a weird owner to make me walk around with a t-shirt on. And now my half muscle shirt. Ha ha.


well at least you're not licking the wound. You know just put up with it for a couple more days. Then you'll be apples!
Fei & E