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Healing Setback

Joan removed my shirt this morning and we went on a walk. She was very happy about the progress of my healing wound. Then we got back to the house. She was filling the water can to water some plants and I was tracking a squirrel on the garage roof. Then I smelled something in the raspberry bushes so I went in there to investigate. Ouch, something hit my wound and I swung around to lick it and it was a salty metallic-y taste. Joan moved her hand to stop me from licking and then said, "how did that start bleeding?" She spilled water all over and not in the watering can.

Then she took me inside and washed my wound, put more of that smelly goopy stuff on it and put the t-shirt back on! My new t-shirt makes me a triathlete. I'm really good at running and swimming but I'm scared of bikes so I know I wouldn't do well at that!

Anyway, I guess it is a setback since the fantastic (Joan's perspective), itchy (my perspective) scab was pulled off. Joan says that the skin though is growing in, so the wound is not as large as it used to be.


Bosco, oh you poor thing. I hope you get all healed up soon and away with the fiddly shirts, goopy wound wipes etc.

That's good that you are feeling a bit better about the nasty terrors (I shall call them that) that bit you. It's sad that owners don't take on the responsibility to train their dogs. Agree that they need to watch the dog whisperer or at least get some idea of what it means to own and keep your dog under control. Contrary to what people think, training is enjoyable for dogs and helps keep their minds active.

I am going to link you, if that's okay.

Take care and hope to see more pics soon.

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