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Dog park, dog park, dog park, dog park

Finally, finally, finally! We went to the big dog park today! Joan slept late, and she let me up on the bed next to her. I had a feeling something different was going to happen today. We got up and I got some breakfast and then I could tell we were going somewhere because Joan had the sheet and a towel with her. She put the sheet in the backseat while I waited patiently in the garage. Then we were off. With the exception of a stop at the coffee shop, we were at the park in no time (lots of yelping by me on the way) and got over there pronto. Today was not busy but I saw another chocolate dog like myself and a few other friends.

I went in the Mississippi but it was no worries because my wound is closed up now so the contaminated, dirty water will not infect me. I ran and ran and ran and smelled and smelled and smelled! Great fun!

On the way back we had to do errands which bugs me b/c I always want to go home and see if the squirrels are in my backyard. But I was somewhat patient while we went to the gas station and I got to go into the store where Joan buys a big bag of my food and some treats - I even got to eat some treats while I was there. I'm a little nervous in that place but not enough to not eat treats!

Relaxing at home now.


how fun! my mom uses "the sheet" too in the car. sometimes i jump in anyways..cause i can't wait. she gets maaaaad.

we don't have doggie parks here. wish we did!