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Tick ... again.

Joan was petting me and then she stopped, went into the bathroom, got the metal device, and then moved my fur and pulled a tick out of me (I didn't know it was there!). Then she rubbed alcohol on my back. Then she immediately went upstairs, vaccumed her duvet cover, looked at it intently and then folded it up, then took the sheets off the bed and took them to the basement (I don't go in the basement). Maybe it's cuz I got to lounge next to her this morning on the bed ...heeheheeh.

Once she found a tick on her head and she blamed me....

But we went up to the north woods in northern minnesota this weekend. I didn't know where we were going on Friday when we were in the car for a LONG time, but then I remembered once we got there. We hiked a lot this weekend - lots and lots of walking. Joan says it was more than 20 miles but it was fine for me - I could have gone longer.

It was funny that Joan didn't see a tick until the very last moment we were at the park, sitting under a fir tree next to the lodge eating a late lunch picnic. She saw a tiny tick on the bag next to her, pulled it off, and then we immediately got up and left! She says this is ironic in some way that we hike way out in the woods and instead, we get a tick 10 ft. from a paved sidewalk and parking lot!


mommy found one tick on me one time. i don't feel them. do you???? mom won't let me in bed with her ... so i can't EVER be blamed of getting those buggies on her. so you are lucky!

I usually do not feel them. BUT Joan found another tick on me the other night - I think she only found it because I had licked that area on my side so my fur was kinda matted down. So since she was on "tick alert", she started feeling around and found another one. Those nasty things.

I know I am lucky to cuddle with Joan - though she only lets me up there for a few minutes in the morning if she is too lazy to get up and take me on a walk right away! I guess that's enough time to get blamed for transporting bugs into her bed. :-) Usually I blow my chances up there by licking her a bunch and then she sends me off the bed.