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Good nose

Last night was so funny. Joan came over before bed to say goodnight to me and she had her head down near my body. I smelled a treat and started sniffing, sniffing, sniffing....Joan thought I was sniffing her hair or the lotion she had put on her hands (I do love to lick lotion, too) but the treat was more of a lure. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Then Joan moved a bit and I zeroed in on the pocket of her sweater. And then Joan started laughing because she remembered there was a treat in there. There's no fooling me!

Yesterday Joan and I were outside almost the whole day. First we went on a walk with her two friends who were visiting. We went down along the river. Then Joan raked leaves forever. Then she started digging up the yard and putting these pieces of rock in. Funny how it is right along the path I like to run. Right now I'm not running on it because there are these pieces of rock that stick up on the grass so I just jump over them. I think she is not done yet but I'm not sure I'll like what she's doing in the end.

We have loads of pictures to show you but Joan's sister took the cable and did not return it and then left for 2 weeks. >>>>>>>>>>>> We are sad about that.


hey bosco! those humans will hide treats! mom was eating a breadstick and when i came by, she hid it underneath her shirt. hmmm....like i couldn't SMELL it...she thought she could trick me. but that wasn't gonna work!