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Squirrels Sounds

Okay this morning the squirrels were really bothering me. They were taunting me to the max. I was crouched on the patio while this one squirrel just kept screeching at me and then he got lower and lower on the tree and then onto the ground until I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to run after him and he went back up the tree. Joan got this on tape - you can listen to the squirrel for nearly 2 minutes. Unfortunately, I am a stealth hunter so I did not make a ton of noise or anything when I went after the squirrel. But you'll hear towards the end of the sound file - you can hear me run towards the tree, you can hear my paws on the side of the tree as I jumped on it, and you can hear me huff and puff - and of course the squirrel going kinda crazy.

Listen to the Squirrel

Then Joan came out and expected me to go inside because she needed to leave. What the heck? I'm in the heat of the hunt and she expects me to 'go to the bathroom' and retreat into the house? I just ignored her and kept my stare up at the offending squirrel. She kinda got insistent though so I went inside - not without one more look up at the oak tree to dominate that rodent.


Too funny~ my name is Wilson (I'm a cat that acts like a dog) and I love chasing everything that moves outside and inside for that matter~ my parents have a heck of a time trying to get me in the house as well~ but I eventually listen~ Happy Hunting!

Wilson -
A dog is a dog is a dog.
A cat is a cat is a cat - even if it is acting like a dog.

Imitation is the truest form of flattery. Thanks from all the dogs.

Thank you for this funny story. My dog has a new found fascination w/ squirrels too! That's why I was so excited when I happened upon this doggie t-shirt site. http://www.doggietshirts.com/
The "So Many squirrels, So Little Time" was right up Sassy's alley.