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Yelping Yawza

I've had to yelp and even growl at Joan. I feel bad but she's hurting me. She tries to dry my paws off and when she puts the towel on my back paw, I yelp and jump. OUCH - my paw hurts me - especially my toenail. Of course, those yelping antics then brought upon great scrutiny on my body parts. Joan started trying to look at my paw and my toenail. I then had to growl at her to warn her, No NO NO, please don't touch.

I guess she didn't like it - she reprimanded ME for growling at her! Let's just say there was a stare-down. I think I ended it by licking her. hee hee hee. I think she had managed to look at it enough, IMHO. I wonder what she'll do about it????