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The vet touched my toes

As you all probably knew, Joan took me to the vet today -- for my toes! Yikes. Last night she was touching my toes and nails while lounging on the couch, and I did not growl at her. I thought that might have persuaded her to NOT take me to the vet. But no bones.

This morning we went for a run - things looking great. But THEN, she put me on the leash again, which was fantastic of course, until we walked in front of the vet building and then she took me inside. The last time I was there was for a bladder infection in July (besides of course, my dog bite but that was at a different place). I started shaking and jumping up on the chairs and couches. Joan did weigh me and it said 55.7 lbs. Joan says her ex-boyfriend, Jay, (I barely remember that guy but Joan says I loved him) would be happy about my weight because he always thought I was a bit skinny. Joan has been feeding me tons and I love it!

In any case, back to the vet - the lady showed us into a room. I hate those rooms and I started to jump around like a bouncing ball. Jump on Joan, jump on wall, jump on bench, jump on Joan, jump on table, jump on wall - all the while, whining and shaking of course. Then the man and woman come in. They talk about my nails and the man directs the woman to get a muzzle. Then the next thing I know, I'm muzzled and up on the table and the man is looking at my toes and nails with a light and I'M NOT HAPPY! Then they put me on my side and the man CUT MY NAILS. I'M STILL NOT HAPPY. Then after the woman stopped holding me down, I practically jumped off the table.

The man said I had an infection in my nailbed - where the nail goes into my toe. He said it is mighty painful. He gave pills to Joan (more peanut butter for me!). He also checked out my dog bite wound and said it looked fine but that my fur wouldn't grow back there. I'm marred. I should get compensation for the permanent damage to my fur.

Anyway, it's time for a nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Take a good nap. You deserve it.