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Bones, bones, bones

This morning, Joan came home with groceries from a place called 'Trader Joes'. She says this is her favorite store but they won't let me in it so I don't know. She opened the backdoor, and I greeted her. As she brought the bags near me, I got my nose working. She was brining in one bag and I got a whiff ...and then I stuck my whole head in the bag and I wouldn't take it out. Ummmm ummmmm. When Joan finally yelled at me, I removed my head. When she was putting all the food away, she realized that my favorite bag had the various dog bones and treats she bought for me! Uh huh. I'm no dummy. My nose is no dummy. My nose knows. She gave me a new treat - it's a sort of meat stick. It was fantastic. Later on, I was out in the yard, and Tim came by and gave me another treat.

I'm gonna share some pictures with you - if you lived here, you'd know it doesn't look like this anymore! Unfortunately, it is cold and most of the leaves have fallen.

In the backyard (Joan was spying on me while I was lounging):

Bosco laying in leaves in backyard

The next ones are action shots at the dog park on October 8th. Some are blurry but that's cuz I move SO FAST:

Bosco running with ears flapped up

Bosco jumping over a downed tree - in midair

Bosco running around a tree

Bosco running in the yellow leaves


bosco - i can't get over how much i look like you...well, i'm not as big, but we could be family. that walk looks like fun!


I love those pictures, they are beautiful.