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I'm not the only victim of poodle aggression

Joan came home with quite a story that I couldn't believe - actually I wish it were not true because it only portrays poodles in a continuing bad light (sorry Isabella). I guess Aaron's dog, Reggie, who is a nice loafing black lab had to go to the vet for his tooth. Reggie's other human, Cassie, took him there and while they were waiting to see the VET a poodle attacked Reggie and BIT him, JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!! I really cannot believe it! Maybe it is the same poodle - that would make me feel better - except it probably isn't and that is further data for me to not hang out with poodles. I'm sorry Reggie. Hey, I just got a picture of Reggie in email. Here he is, poor guy:

Picture of Reggie lying on his bed

He also has to have his tooth pulled. I hope that never happens to me.

This morning, I pulled a 3-poop run with Joan. That really has never happened before and Joan was out of bags. Luckily (for her - it didn't matter to me since there's no stopping a dog who needs to go...), I went right next to a garbage can. So Joan just walked over, opened the garbage can, pulled out someone else's poop bag and added to it. She's so resourceful when I mess up.


Ah, geesh! Another bad poodle- I am so sorry to hear this. I swear I would never bite anyone or anything. I'm just a happy go lucky and can't-we-all-get-along kind of gal. I have no explanation for these bad poodles you have been running into- maybe bad breeding and bad training?
Big Wags,
Isabella- a good poodle