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I'm a guest

My very good human friend, Martha, visited Joan and I on Saturday. I was very excited to see her and Joan had to tell me a couple times to sit down and even sit on my bed. They drank tea sitting on the chairs, telling stories to each other. Then they sat at the table and I heard things like bread (I love bread), turkey (I love turkey), stuffing (I'm sure I love stuffing), roasted root vegetables (I'm okay with veges - I like bananas better)....they went on and on about FOOD. I had to interrupt them a couple times to remind them they should be petting me.

Before Martha left, she said that I'm INVITED! I get to go to her house on this FOOD day coming up. I'm so excited and very humbled since I was really on bad behavior last time I was at her house. I chased Boli, the cat, around too much because he decided to sniff my food. Joan said that I won't be fed at Martha's so that I don't even think about chasing Boli.


cute dog!

The big food day is coming. We go to visit my cousin Buster (rat terrier). One year Uncle Mike dropped yummy gravy all over the floor. Buster and I were nice enough to clean it up before he could get a towel.