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Where have I been? Here in Mpls!

Hey, hey, I've been gone for a long time - thanks to my friends who emailed asking what happened??? Well, Joan has been home interrupting my usual sleep and typing time! She's been entertaining and then doing lots of work at home. I guess I do get to sleep BUT not my computer time. I'll update you with things that have been going on.

First Joan put up this silly tree again and made me pose in front of it. What bugs me is that it now makes it more difficult to see outside at all the trespassers on my territory. But I make due!

Bosco with Christmas Tree

Way back a few weeks ago, Joan had a big party. I was there, right in the thick of things (see me):

Bosco watching the party

I tried to stick with Joan most of the time. There were so many people there! Many of them I already know so I also had some friendly faces and hands to lick in the crowd. But when people were opening presents, I sat near Joan. Sometimes people would all laugh really loudly, and it made me a little scared and I'd have to nuzzle Joan.

About a week later, my good friends from Iowa came up to visit. I got to see Kaleb, one of my favorite little people (though, he's not so little anymore). I could tell he was a little sad - Joan told me his dog passed away just days before he came to visit me. I tried to be extra nice to him and his people, too, because I'm sure they were sad too. Here are pictures of me being nice and cuddly:




Lick again