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Gulpy Cup

Hey Joan and I went to the dog park this morning which was very nice - though a bit icy and crunchy due to all the dogs and people who walk on it. When we got back to the car, Joan pulled out that funny yellow drink cup thing that her mom bought for me. This time, I really loved it. And I drank almost the whole container of water. It seemed so fresh - and I was thirsty! I'm sold now on it even though I was a little afraid of it at first.

At the park, Joan pulled a "dog whisperer" move. We watch that show a lot so I know all the moves. Some little yippy dog was barking and yipping at me and I was getting annoyed. Joan pointed her finger at the dog and said "shh, shh" like she does to me when I walk too fast or go after squirrels. The yippy dog immediately stopped making any sounds or bothering me. It was incredible. Way to go, Joan! Joan wonders if the dog's people would be mad at her for "disciplining" their dog but who cares - they were not close to us - and it got the dog off my back.


That gulp cup sounds really cool. How does it work and where can I get one? I am always so thirsty when we are on the go, and I don't really care for the bowls my owners give me. I just sniff it and try telling them I do not like that bowl, but I don't think they understand... they just tell me to drink again. Sometimes I think they are a bit slow.

Here's a link to the cool gulpy cup -- my human grandma gave it to me from sahalie.com.