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Silly blind Joan

Joan's asleep and I am stealing a few moments to tell you about how silly she is. I was out on my bed in the living room. I could hear her in the bathroom running water etc. She usually comes out to say goodnight and invite me upstairs (I don't always go up there especially lately because she has this cold water fan thing going and I don't like fans!). Anyway, tonight she came into the living room and pretty much, humans, unlike dogs, clearly can not see that well at night! She was talking to me but walking straight towards the stereo - not where I was. Ha ha. I was laughing inside. Then she must have remembered where the bed was and pivoted and then hit me in the head! Eeks. Then I could smell lotion on her hands (I love licking lotioned hands and body parts) and tried to lick her hands but she moved them away from me. Anyway, it is a hoot to watch her bounce around in the dark.

Earlier tonight we went over to visit Boli, the cat. Boli has been at home alone for a while so we go over and visit him every so often (another human is actually going over there every day but probably doesn't stay around a lot.) We go over and sit on the couch and get pet by Joan while she watches movies. She knows enough to do the double-pet (simultaneous petting me and Boli). I gave Boli lots of kisses. I can't believe I was ever mean to him and chasing him around when I stayed there once. Anyway, we are friends again.