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Uh oh, the vet

This morning it was very cold - Joan got up very early and left but when she returned we went for a walk. It was cold like 7 or 8 degrees plus wind but I don't mind (I have my fur coat). But the surprise was that Joan brought me to that place, THE VET. I started shaking like a leaf (literally!). They poke and prod me there and I remember it!

Joan weighed me and guess what? I'm plenty heavy - at 57.3 lbs. (Do you remember when I weighed 42 lbs after returning from the kennel last year?? I was skin and bones then- truly.) So I bet that means that Joan won't be feeding me 4 cups of food anymore and all those treats. I love treats.

The trip was pretty quick and not soooo bad. We were in that room with no windows and I was REALLY shaking then. The man came in and then another woman. The woman held me around the neck and the man poked something into my hind quarters - kind of a pinch. I didn't say anything. Then we got out of that room and Joan gave me treats which I gobbled up as if I hadn't been fed for days!


Hi Bosco .. my name is Sami .. my mom is jade2058, I know that is a screen name. LOL ... I enjoyed reading your blog and my mom is thinking of creating one for me. You look a lot like me. I am 1 1/2 years old. I have a smiliar dislike for loud noises and I DO NOT like the 4th of July. My mom use to like it, but after last year, she does not like the 4th either. Take care and I look forward to reading your blog again soon.