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Bunny is back

The bunny is back. The bunny is actually around all the time but in the summer, it lives in the front yard and snuggles under a bush in the front yard. I only sometimes get to go near it or near its bed when Joan takes me around that way - it doesn't happen much because I'm on leash.

However, in the winter the bunny lives in our backyard and Tim's backyard. I sometimes see it late at night when Joan lets me out to go to the bathroom. Sometimes it is sitting near Tim's truck (maybe because it is warm) and I bark really loudly at it and jump or prance around. I've got to let it know who is boss back here!!! (I'm boss, of course.)

The other night it was near our garage so I ran after it and I went alongside the garage which is a NO-DOG zone. OOPS! A couple years back Joan trained me (through shocking me-I hated that and so did she - she almost cried). In any case, I don't wear that collar anymore because I've learned to not go over that way and I don't jump the fence anymore. BUT I ran after the bunny and then Joan came out, but I already knew I had done wrong. I turned around and rounded the garage corner and stopped and looked to see if Joan noticed. YEP, she was there about to yell at me to come back!

The other thing that I have to share (though Joan doesn't really want me to share this) is that the bunny leaves me treats -- bunny poop! The other day Joan found out. It had snowed and Joan was back there picking up my poop and then she saw it - tons of bunny poop (it is really small but lots of it) all in the backyard and in the raspberry bushes - that's why I go in there, too, but Joan told me to stop that too. In any case, Joan spent some time picking up all the bunny poop that day so I couldn't eat it. I wonder if she'll do that everyday?

I heard her talking to her sister on the phone. And she said something about the vet and then doing a test for parasites .... hmmm.... I know that those nasty ticks I get are parasites, but I think this has something to do with the bunny poop but I don't know what yet.