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Tiger Toy No More

I forgot to tell you all that the tiger toy that I only JUST GOT -- remember the picture of it posted only a few weeks ago:

Tiger Toy

Well, Joan took it away and I don't think Tiger is returning. See I really loved chewing on it. It was really, really great. But I had chewed off its ear and its tail. And I was working on one of its feet and the other ear. The problem, I think, was that Joan did not want me to swallow the plastic (geez, she's no fun!!).

The good news is we got another new item - I got a new collar that FLASHES red when she turns it on. And Joan also got a collar of sorts except she puts it on her arm and it also FLASHES red. We are flashing duo when are out on walks. COOL. So far we haven't had any comments about them but we've only used them twice. I'm sure all the other dogs and humans will be jealous! Maybe these flashing gizmos will make the humans in cars slow down and stop for us when we cross the street at nighttime.

Joan got another flashing gizmo last year but it only worked for like 10 hours and then when it stopped working, she put new batteries in it and it never worked again! This new one is supposed to work for 200 hours. That will definitely get us through the rest of this MN winter. We hope.