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Red Flashes

Last night when Joan and I were walking, someone stopped for us at the crosswalk. I think they saw Joan's arm collar flashing so they waited for us to cross.

THAT was the good kind of red flashing that happened.

This morning the BAD kind of red flashing happened.

We were walking along happy go lucky. I was next to Joan because she's trying to become the pack leader (ha ha - good luck!). All of a sudden, a huge cracking noise started. Joan stopped and was kind of crouching down - we both thought something was going to fall on us at any minute (like an airplane!). But instead red colory flashing started in the air - it was like that nasty July 4th day!!!

I tried my hardest to RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. But Joan held on.
Then I just stood there SHAKING LIKE A LEAF (as Joan says).

The whole rest of our walk I tried to get home as fast as I could though the sounds were near our house so I also didn't want to go there, either. It was tough. But we made it home with no more noises. Phew.


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