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Jone gone, Joan home, Bath, Warm Air

Joan left me last week. I saw that box on wheels and then she just left me! I couldn't get to the computers so I couldn't blog about it. I was stuck in this house alone. Well, not really alone because a cool kid, Izzy, came over many times a day and she walked me and fed me and hung out with me. It wasn't so bad except I did throw up the day after Joan left - I was worried about her. But I did have lots of beds around. Joan put my big blue bed and my big red bed in the living room and she put the blanket on the couch (not that the blanket NOT being there prevents me from going up on the couch - hee hee). So I had bed-o-rama. It was a little lonely during the night when Joan is usually here sleeping but I looked forward to Izzy coming over in the morning.

Today, I was SUPER happy to see a car drive up and Joan got out! I was jumping the highest I ever can on the front door. Then she came in and I gave her kisses and hugs and butt bumps. She took me for a walk in the freezing cold. She said it was about 70 degrees warmer where she was....hmmmm....well, the cold doesn't bother me anyway.

When we got back to the house, the next thing I knew, Joan had me in the bathtub - I actually went willingly and jumped in myself. Though it is kinda a hard thing to do - Joan kinda propped my hindquarters up and over. But it was actually a nice bath because the water was waaaaarrrrrmmmm. My last bath was freezing in November, I think. I tried to escape from the bathtub once because I am a dog and I should always try to escape at least once so that Joan doesn't think she has control of me. After she let me out and dried me off a bit, she did something she's never done before. She blew hot air on me from that loud machine she points at her head everyday. I'm afraid of it so I ran away at first, but then I came around because, again, it felt kinda good. Nice and warm. So she blew hot air on my fur - I call it a furdryer. It was nice.

Then we went for a run by the river - I was bad and before we got to the river, I really barked my head off at another dog. Oops. Joan was mad at me! But I didn't bark at any other dogs - even the black dog I saw by the river that I usually do bark at when I'm on leash. I've seen him before down there - he's okay off leash.

Joan says I smell really nice now after my bath.