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Understandable shaft

I'm getting the shaft - only a couple block walks. But it is understandable, I guess. Joan spent all day Sunday sick in the bathroom - she really was a mess - and didn't even walk me at all. Our neighbor, Tim, took me for a walk on Sunday morning and then Eileen, Joan's sister, came over in the afternoon. She took me out as well as did a bunch of things for Joan. She came over again on Monday morning. Joan just laid there ...forever and forever. But the benefit was I got to join her on the couch or bed. She finally took me for a short walk today but she is sooooo slow, not her usual self at all.

There was also another peculiar incident on Sunday night. Joan had gotten sick again and was on the couch again...exhausted. I was on my bed. All of a sudden, something started flying around the living and dining room really fast. Joan started screaming and put her head under the covers and called someone on the phone. She was screaming describing this thing she called a "bat". Next thing I knew, Joan dragged me (since she was screaming, I was a little scared) upstairs and closed the door. Then someone else called us back called "Animal Control" but they told Joan she had to deal with it herself since it was in our house (why would we call if it was outside?) and she owned the house. A few more phone calls and then Joan left me upstairs with the door closed and there was much discussion on a speaker phone about getting this bat out of the house. All I know is that it is gone. A while later, Joan came up and got me and I could go out to do my business before bed.

We do not like other animals flying around our house uninvited! We know that bats are really good animals because they eat mosquitos ....but they also can have rabies so it is not that great of an idea to get near them. We like them to be outside, eating mosquitos, not inside trapped.

So much has gone on since Friday that I forgot to mention that Joan did take me to the vet on Friday and I guess my teeth are clean now. They put me in a cage and then I was shaking a lot because I don't like cages. They put me to sleep and then I woke up in the cage and was kind of silly. A while later, they let me out and Joan was there! My back legs didn't work exactly right when going downstairs but they got back to normal later on.


Wow, a bat in your house! Reminds me of the time we had a mallard in our house. Someone had left the front door open and the mallard waddled in. Our Akita at the time, Cochise, was sleeping near the fireplace and when he opened one eye and spied the mallard, all hell broke loose. At the time, we lived in a place where the kitchen, den, living and dining room made a circular path through the house, so the dog chased the honking mallard around the circle while it spewed green poop everywhere. What a mess! But Cochise got his excitement for the day, I had a story to tell and the poor mallard escaped (with my help) with all feathers intact.

Hi Bosco! We're Minnesota dog-bloggers, too. We haven't had a bat in our house yet; although dogmom said that she did in Ohio when Floppy was alive. We did have some mice in the yard that we caught and brought inside to dogmom. She didn't cook them, though and kinda freaked out about it. Silly human.
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stay away from bats--they can make you sick, even if they do eat mosquitoes.