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My food

Joan told me there's a bunch of pet food (cat and dog) that is making dogs and cats die!
I hope it is not the food you eat! Joan checked and thank goodness, my food is just fine.

We thought we'd tell you that I eat Eagle Pack Holistic Select . Lucky for me a few years ago, Joan switched from the Authority food at Petsmart (which happens to be on the recall list) to Eagle Pack. Joan says that Eagle Pack is about twice the price but it says to feed me about 1/2 as much as the other one. Joan has now settled to feeding me 3 cups a day. The bag suggests 2 cups - which she gave me and I was starving - then she went up to 4 cups after last year's kennel incident when I lost so much weight in one week - and now since Tim called me a "lardass" Joan has gone down to 3 cups - after being at 3.5 cups for the last few months. Boy, I bet that is all SOOOO interesting. I'm pretty active since we go on so many walks and runs, so I need a little bit extra food.

People also say my coat is very soft and I have ripply muscles. Maybe it is the food, maybe not.

What food do you eat?


Yeh, I heard about that recall. Ugly stuff. My mom makes all my food from scratch. well, you know. she doesn't raise buffalos and veggies and the grain and stuff, but she puts it all together for me from organic, human grade stuff. Pretty yummy, too.

(But secretly, I'd kill for some trash kibble sometimes!)

We just had two food brands called back, lucky for me it's not the kind I'm eating

My mom feeds me an all raw diet. It took her some getting used to, but it is worth it in the end - I'm SO healthy, small poops, clean teeth, visits to the vet are rare, and I'm eating what nature intended. Dogs were not meant to eat stuff baked in an oven. Raw diets really help dogs with allergies and skin problems. Try reading a bit about raw feeding on the web. Thousands of people do it and it is NOT unsafe, quite to the contrary it is so very healthy for us.