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Whirlwind Week

Joan left me last week. I can't believe she does that. Somehow she packed up her box on wheels and hid it outside without me seeing. BUT I saw it when the strange car drove up and took her away. I watched her wheel that thing out to the car. Then I knew she'd be gone. But for how long???
Everyday, I wonder, is that Joan? wag, wag, wag.
Is that Joan? wag, wag, wag.

Lucky for me, my friend, Izzy, came to take care of me. She'd come over and watch Disney Channel on that big black TV while I wagged, wagged, wagged and got pet, pet, pet.

Then one day, I heard a car and wondered, is it Joan? wag, wag, wag. YES!!!! I heard the key in the door and I jumped against the door closing it on Joan. When she finally got it open, I gave her lots of kisses and body wiggles. She tells me she was only gone for 4 days but it seemed like 40 to me!

The bad news is that this weekend, Joan put up a fence that now pretty much blocks off my entire yard from me! She was on her hands and knees digging up the dirt and throwing these little seeds all over and then spraying it was water from the long snake (I stayed away from that.) She keeps watering it every morning and I'm still not allowed to go over there even if there is a squirrel or bunny rabbit or other intruder on the other side. Now, I could easily jump over this plastic fence but I'm humoring Joan. UNTIL I DECIDE NOT TO. I'm sure there will be a day where I will HAVE to jump over the fence. She seems to blame me for the need for the fence. Something about mud and no grass because of me running around in the winter. Whatever. Squirrels just need to be chased. No arguments.


When those bad bunnies come to eat the seed, you might just have to jump. You'll have to explain to Joan that the bunnies are really, really bad.

I always ran off the property every time I was loose which wasn't often (only when we would come home from being in the car) I would just take off . The last time I did it I ran almost by our lake and a car almost hit me . The next day they put a big collar on me with a box on it with some prongs by my throat.I tried to run away again but I get sharp pains in my throat when ever I think I'm almost gone but I get so scared I run back to the house.I guess staying home isn't so bad because my throat only gets sore if I try to run away.I don't understand why this happens.Did anything like that ever happen to you?

I hate when my moms are gone! They never stay gone for days, though...

I have the same problem hehe.