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Over the fence

Well this morning, I did it. I jumped over the fence. Joan didn't see me do it because she was in the basement getting me my breakfast. But unfortunately for me (I don't always anticipate the future very well), Joan came up the stairs and saw me while I was roaming around the fenced off area! Oops. She came out and talked sternly to me. It was funny - she thinks she is so important. So I came back out of the disallowed area, but I decided to not jump over the fence on the way back and I worked my way around and through the raspberry bushes and there was a little slit I could slip through and get back to the back door. Joan was disapproving but she didn't actually seem all that mad or anything. She just tries.

It's getting really nice here, and I love to sit in the sun. Since Joan cut off the yard from me, she put out a mat for me to lay on in the backyard because the brick patio is a bit hard. She's always looking out for me!


Hello, just checked out your blog....bosco seems like quite a character!

Bosco, had to stop back and see if you'd been getting into any trouble... just saw it coming with the new fenced off area that you're not supposed to be going into!! BOL It's always nice to hear about another pup's antics, doesn't make us feel so bad to know we're not the only pups getting into whatever we can!

Puppy hugs,
Jezzie & Bruti

You are quite articulate for a dog. How do you type? Does the fur get in the way?

It seems like you are taking advantage of her kindness... but who cares!

licks and kisses,


So you are an escapist just like me - Flori the black lab that is. Whereas my daughter is sooo good... I need my daily secret walk around the village, don't you?

Bosco, have not heard from you are you on vacation?

What is more invigorating than roaming through a fenced off area?