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I'm tired and nervous and not eating

My oh my. I'm exhausted and freaked out. Joan has been out of control - I live now in this really really clean place. Where did all my fur on the floor go? GONE. One day about 4 strange people came by - 2 people were putting smelly stuff on the wall, 1 guy was doing something in the bathroom where I'm not allowed, and 1 woman walked all around the house inspecting things. As is usual, I didn't really like the guys but the woman was okay.

The last few days I haven't had my usual long all-day naps. Joan has taken me to the place where she goes during the day. I got to go with her! She even had one of my beds there. It was okay but I was scared of the men there, too. I barked at two of them even though Joan says they are nice.

The best time was last week when I was at Camp Bosco with Martha in St. Louis Park. I stayed there for a few days but Joan still came over everyday which was kinda funny but I slept there at night with Martha and Boli, aka Simon Bolivar the cat. We had a fantastic time. I like their backyard since it is bigger - I can really run after the ball. My current backyard I have a running route but if I go off course through the tall plants, then Joan gets maad at me.

I'm back at home now but when Joan and I leave and then return, I can tell that other strangers were in our house and yard. I can smell them immediately. Like yesterday, Joan and I were out and about for a long time - we were at the coffee shop. I was scared of everyone! In any case, when we finally got back home, I smelled "others" in the yard. Not good.

This has all led me to stop eating. I am very nervous with all this weird change in my normal schedule. Today I didn't even eat anything (besides my peanut butter pill this morning) until tonight around 7pm. That's just the way it's gonna go. I'm worried. Is Joan taking me with her or not? Whose been here? Why is she vacuuming again? Nervous, nervous, nervous.


I hope you are eating. You can't live on your peanut butter pill. I am sure you will have a wonderful time in your new city. Has Joan told you yet when you have to get in the car and go for a long drive? Marcia