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Hosta La Vista

Well, I did it. I got Joan reaaallllly mad. It all started 2 days ago when I was simply hanging out in the backyard, checking out my territory when a squirrel invaded it. The squirrel likes to run along the side of the garage (Joan says it is made out of stucco so that might help you imagine how the squirrel stays on). In any case, I couldn't just let that go. So I ran out and started tracking the squirrel who just kept running back and forth along the garage. The problem (for Joan) is that as I track and jump at this squirrel I am running through the garden beds. So there was some damage and casualties after Joan came out and grabbed me and made me go inside.

1 giant hosta - lost about 1/2 its leaves and the others are hanging on by a thread.
1 smaller hosta - lost only a few leaves.

Joan was MMMMAAAAADDDDD. Especially because she says people come by to look at our house to live in and they might not like to see the damaged hosta. (Oh well, I say, would they rather have that squirrel think he owns the yard????)

Yesterday, Martha was over and she looked at the damaged hosta and told me I was a "good bad dog." She told me one more time and it might be "hosta la vista" for me. Martha - what is she saying? I don't know. Joan laughed at that and agreed.

So this morning Joan let me out and I was surveying the yard when the squirrel repeated the same trick. Joan was inside so I ran after the squirrel and was jumping, jumping, running, pivoting, running, jumping until the next thing I know Joan is outside in her bare feet yelling and screaming at me. Lucky for me, I had no collar on since Joan had given me a good brush, so I could easily slip by her. She really thinks she can catch me when there is such an important task at hand?! Really. I just kept running and jumping and trampling until all of a sudden Joan had me by the back of my neck. Wosh. That calmed me down. I guess she IS in charge. I immediately sat down.

Then she walked me inside. She went back out to survey the damage:

1 giant hosta - decapitated.
1 smaller hosta - 1/3 of its leaves gone.
1 plant just emerging - trampled.

Boy, was I in trouble. I might find out what "hosta la vista" really means. But instead, we went on a walk. Joan IS really cool and forgiving!