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I met Bosco today

You might think my subject to be kinda strange since I am Bosco. But yes, today I met another dog whose name is also Bosco. 2 Boscos. Joan first cleaned up the house like a crazy woman - she does this ALL the time - gets the loud vacuum out and puts my bed in the basement (where I never go).

Then we went to a place where Joan got some good smelling food and I had to sit on the ground while all these humans ate great smelling food. But it was better than sitting in the car (though I really do like the car).

Then we were off driving fast and I was wondering where we were going. Then we ended up at a place I've never been before and we went into the house and there was another dog and the nice woman kept saying something to "Bosco" and I thought she was talking to me but she was talking to the other dog whose name is also Bosco. Pretty crazy huh?

Bosco 2 doesn't look like me. First of all, he's a guy. Fine with me, I like guys better than girls. And he's black, not brown. Fine again black is great. And he's pretty hefty around the middle. That also doesn't bother me (probably bothers him more than it would me). We hung out for a while and Bosco 2 licked me a bit and I only slightly growled at him because he was barking at me to play. Then we all went on a walk and it was grand. There's a HUGE water hole right at the end of the street and I kept pulling to into it but Joan didn't let me. We got back to the house and Joan and I left but I get the sense we might be going back there again. Bosco 2's mom is Kim. She was pretty nice and said bye.


Came across your blog whilst searching for something else. Enjoyed reading you story. Most amusing!!!
Regards Marion

it is a bosco world!

we love checking in on bosco and seeing what he’s doing. It makes us want cooler parks and a dog park to go to.