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Allergies and Adventure

My paw was my allergies acting up. Isn't that funny that my allergies make my paws and my butt itch? Ha ha. The thing is right after Joan put that sock on my foot, we went out to the car and she drove me to Bosco #2's house - the black lab I met last week. It was so weird because Joan also brought my bed with us. Hmmmm. Very tricky.

We went on a short walk and then we went into the house with Kim and Bosco and I was excited. 2 dogs is fun though I had to growl at Bosco #2 to keep him from overwhelming me with his fun. But then.... Joan left.


But then it got better. I was a little tentative about being outside all alone so I'd go in and out a lot. Then Kim's daughter showed up and she was a thrill. I even (don't tell Joan) got to sleep on her bed at night!!!! I woke her up early with sloppy kisses. :::)))) hee hee. I even liked the man who came over and if you know me, you know that I don't usually like men on the first meeting!

Then one day, Eileen showed up and I was happy to see her, but where was Joan? Then Eileen took me home and left me there and still Joan was not there. She finally showed up many tortuous hours later. It was tortuous because our neighbors were throwing off firecrackers and I don't like firecrackers if you know what I mean. I mean, I really hate them. I gave Joan kisses galore etc.